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IMMRAMA.org - Complete Brainwave Entrainment Set
English | Size: 936.47 MB
Category: Self Improvement

These are all the brainwave entrainment tracks from IMMRAMA.org + Holiday Bonuses + Booklets
Probably the best brainwave program in the world. The IMMRAMA company decided to shut down so these are no longer obtainable anywhere - very rare.
1. 10 min light relaxation track
2. Dreamwalk Program (For lucid dreaming entrainment)
3. Focus Program (ADHD, ADD, Focus, Work, Study)
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Category: Tutorial

Hypno Ritual Brainwave Programming

Hypno Ritual Brainwave Programming (18 MP3 1 PDF)
English | Size: 221.08 MB (231,821,279 bytes )
Category: Tutorial

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Category: Tutorial

Marisa Peer - Trypnaural (Brainwave Entertainment Meditattion) Package
Name Product: Trypnaural (Brainwave Entertainment Meditattion) Package
Download Size: 3.5 GB
COST: $77.00= Yours Free
Author: Marisa Peer
Sale Page: -
What Do We Do?
We create 'high performance minds' using our products backed by research that supports your peak performance & wellbeing.
*Deepest Meditation & Life Transforming Benefits In A Much Faster Time
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