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Carnelians (mp3) by Catherine Asaro
Carnelians (mp3) by Catherine Asaro
English | MP3 128 kbps 44 KHz Stereo | 11 MP3s | 227 MB
Genre: AudioBook

Two emperors navigate an uneasy peace, while a powerful trader guild does everything in its power to bring on war. And as if Kelric, the Skolian Imperator, didnt have enough problems, his own brotherwho happens to be a rock star of galactic proportionshas a hit song that calls the traders out as the hidebound blueblood jerks they are, and pleads for an end to centuries of war. Kelric and his Eubian Trader Empire counterpart Jabriol attempt finally to meet in a public summit and sign a treaty that will save billions of lives and end the grinding, millennium-long war. But assassins lurk everywhere, and intrigue is afoot as the baroque old order has no intention of giving up its war-bought privilege and power without a fight to the deathand they dont care if they take the rest of galactic civilization down with them.
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