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CineFex Assortment
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Cinefex 001__Mar1980
Cinefex 004__Apr1981
Cinefex 005__July1981
Cinefex 009__July1982
Cinefex 013__July1983
Cinefex 014__Oct1983
Cinefex 018__Aug1984
Cinefex 020__Jan1985
Cinefex 022__June1985
Cinefex 033__Feb1988
Cinefex 037__Feb1989
Cinefex 038__May1989
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Category: Tutorial

Cinefex Magazine Collection
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Cinefex (launched in 1980) is a quarterly professional movie special effects magazine. It is among the first dedicated special effects magazines ever produced, at a time where computer generated imagery effects were not as common.

Cinefex is also among the very few magazines which do not advertise inside material on the cover, though an alternate edition with this feature is also in publication to conform to this guideline among magazine publishers. Cinefex is also one of the few magazines that produces a separate version for subscribers that does not have a bar code printed on the front cover, allowing the cover image to be viewed unobstructed.

Within its pages can be found lengthy and detailed articles about the special effects (both physical and CGI) of a certain upcoming movie, composed mainly of various interviews with the people involved and coupled with extensive behind-the-scenes photographs.
Being a professional industry publication, Cinefex also comprises full-page advertisements for special effects houses, as well as acknowledgements and dedications, such as obituaries.
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