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Colditz - Series 2 (1974)
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COLDITZ was a fact-based drama about life in a special prisoner camp for habitual escapers during World War 2 who were determined to fight their own war by constantly planning escapes and diverting military resources to pursue them. The show ran for 2 series and featured a first rate cast including Robert Wagner, David McCallum and Jack Hedley. COLDITZ was one of the first programmes to show the war from a German point of view as well as from a British / American viewpoint. The stereotypical Nazi shows up occasionally, but on the whole they are played sensitively and intelligently, especially Bernard Hepton as the Kommandant.
13 Episodes, each approximately 50 minutes in length, originally screened on BBC1 between January 1974 - April 1974.
Rescreened on Yesterday between November 2010 - December 2010.
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