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Commodification and Spectacle in Architecture A Harvard Design Magazine Reader
Commodification and Spectacle in Architecture: A Harvard Design Magazine Reader by William Saunders
English | Nov. 1, 2005 | ISBN: 0816647526, 0816647534 | 141 Pages | PDF | 1.5 MB

More than ever, architectural design is seen as a means to promote commercial goals rather than as an end in itself. Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, for example, simply cannot be considered apart from its intended role as a catalyst for the economic revitalization of Bilbao and its ability to attract tourist dollars, regardless of its architectural merits.

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Category: E-Book
Romantic Sobriety: Sensation, Revolution, Commodification, History

Orrin N. C. Wang, "Romantic Sobriety: Sensation, Revolution, Commodification, History"
English | ISBN: 1421400669 | 2011 | 384 pages | PDF | 4 MB
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