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TGC Video - Prof. Connel Fullenkamp - Financial Literacy: Finding Your Way in the Financial Markets [24 Videos (MP4)]
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The financial markets create tremendous opportunities that, for many of us, would otherwise be out of reach. A new home. Your child's college education. Retirement. Without the ability to borrow and invest, life as we know it simply wouldn't exist.
Taking full advantage of everything the markets have to offer requires not only becoming familiar with its unique instruments, practices, and risks, but understanding the ways the financial world an your own life are inextricably linked in ways both direct and indirect, visible and obscured.

But with record-breaking highs one minute and economy-rocking lows the next-not to mention arcane rules and ambiguous terminology-it can seem as if there's no way to feel truly comfortable in this mysterious world. But there is, and it's more accessible than you might think.
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