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Fundamentals of IP Multicast (IP Multicast Survival School Series) - Oct. 2018
English | Size: 14.80 GB
Category: CBTs

Fundamentals of IP Multicast provides the Network Engineer with a
basic set of IP Multicast “survival tools” to go alone and
unafraid into the world of IP Multicast and deal with much of what
IP Multicast throws at them.

Award-winning IP Multicast presenter, Beau Williamson, debunks the
myth that IP Multicast is a scary and difficult-to-understand
technology. Through network topology presentations, configuration
scenarios, guidance through some common mistakes that network
engineers make, deployment recommendations, and know-how, Beau
paints IP Multicast as an approachable networking solution.
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Submodular Rate Region Models for Multicast Communication in Wireless Networks

Submodular Rate Region Models for Multicast Communication in Wireless Networks By Maximilian Riemensberger
English | PDF | 2017 (2018 Edition) | 300 Pages | ISBN : 3319652311 | 5.51 MB
​This book proposes representations of multicast rate regions in wireless networks based on the mathematical concept of submodular functions, e.g., the submodular cut model and the polymatroid broadcast model. These models subsume and generalize the graph and hypergraph models. The submodular structure facilitates a dual decomposition approach to network utility maximization problems, which exploits the greedy algorithm for linear programming on submodular polyhedra.
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LiveLessons - IP Multicast Fundamentals

LiveLessons - IP Multicast Fundamentals
English | Size: 2.87 GB
Category: Video Training

IP Multicast Fundamentals LiveLessons (Workshop) is an engaging and unique video course taught in front of a live audience.
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